Teele Ülesoo / Helle Vahersalu


12.07 - 31.08

“SIDE EFFECT” is yet another exhibition that highlights the similarities in the creative work of artists from different generations. This time, the focus is on the creators of abstract art, Teele Ülesoo (born in 1990) and Helle Vahersalu (born in 1939).

Both Teele and Helle place great emphasis on color and its manipulation in their works, resulting in unique yet harmoniously compatible color fields.

Abstract art may seem like something very simple, as it doesn’t necessarily reflect the existing world in its precision of details. Instead, the artist can express themselves through rich and unrelated shapes and colors.

However, what sets apart a good abstract artwork from a mediocre one is the skillful use of perfectly compatible colors, creating a new and undisturbed unity where two colors placed side by side seem to create a third color. Without this harmony, the viewer would not be able to perceive the completeness of the painting.