Rei Baltic

Rei Baltic “Push Your Frankfurter Further Frank”

21.04 - 30.06

The concept of this series is to critically point out and make fun over today’s (pop)culture and how narrow-minded everything and everybody on this planet have become. Just how ridiculously primitive people are. It’s even more simple than “Me Tarzan, you Jane!” approach. More like “Me dick, you pussy” mentality and attitude. Let’s just get rid of the ‘introduction part’ and get straight to the business. Too easy.

That’s exactly how regressed people nowadays are (including me of course). A complete Fucking joke! How ‘sexualized’ every day life and our society is. Literally everything is realted to – sex. Want to get
someone‘s attention? Easy! Just use a dick, tits or an ass imagery & you will get it & it will definitely sell too.

Welcome to 21st century and welcome to IDIOCRACY. Planet of the apes. We don’t have to look far at all to see all the evidence. Ads, movies, music, instagram, onlyfans, tik-tok, porn etc. Even the thumbnails in youtube are more or less sexual just to make them more ‘clickable’. Embarrassingly simple and low. It is embarrassing because it works.

That is exactly the reason why I did “Push your frankfurter further Frank” aswell. Enjoy the show!