Krete Erlenhein

“One idea has actually been lingering in my mind”

08.09 - 31.10

“One idea has actually been lingering in my mind for a long time, and its handwriting has been sought and found many times, but now it’s as if something has come to a halt. By coming to a halt, I don’t mean developmental stagnation or a lack of ideas, of course. By coming to a halt, I mean that I’ve found something that is ‘mine.’

Fortunately, there are quite a few benefits that come with ‘movement’ in time. One of them has taught me to do things in a way that I find joy in the process. The other, however, is that things should be done in a way that I like them primarily. We’re not diamonds that need to please everyone. Not to mention creativity. And, of course, not every croak on every mound needs to be heard. So ‘mine’ is something whose process I’ve enjoyed without any embarrassment, allowing creativity to fly undisturbed.

The paintings in the exhibition are focused on life, enjoying time, a tropical, warm, and positive vibe. Everything that the modern person misses (including myself). I enjoy creating different scenes of life through bold color combinations and geometry. In pieces. In halves. With an ideological twist. Weaving lines into lines and giving things a unique touch and flow. I like to ‘go overboard,’ but at the same time, remain minimalist. In the midst of all this, I love to be perfect and sometimes too orderly. This is my visual language with a pleasant vibration of symbols that make the invisible visible.”