Marko Mäetamm

Art and Money by Marko Mäetamm

03.02 - 31.03

The artist Marko Mäetamm, who has represented Estonia twice at the Venice Art Biennale, will open an exhibition of his latest creations at the Art&Tonic gallery in Tartu on February 3, which is again inspired by the artist's autobiographical experiences.

"The works explore the rubric-cube-complex relationship combinations between art and capital, based on the events that have occurred in my over thirty-year career. The emphatically laconic visual language of the works allows the art lover to feel relaxed and encourages the viewer to go along for the fun ride offered by the author on topics that are serious and reach the foundations of the world", artist Marko Mäetamm describes the theme of the exhibition and the creative background.

The exhibition opens on February 3 at the Art&Tonic gallery (Kastani 48, Tartu) and will remain open until March 31.