Alo Valge


13.12 - 31.01

Alo Valge’s solo exhibition “INFLUENCE” takes place at the Viimsi Artium Contemporary Art Gallery.

Introduction by the artist: “In my opinion, many amateur photos are better than the best works of Cézanne” – Gerhard Richter

The exhibition features 10 oil paintings based on images uploaded by people on social media. What is the intersection of digital and traditional art? Social media provides a platform where people can capture moments, emotions, and stories; transforming screen captures into paintings becomes a bridge between the virtual and tangible. Each painting symbolizes a unique connection between the digital world and reality.

Social media influences how we remember and perceive things. This photo can be quickly removed and lost from memory, but when transformed into a painting of pixels, it is captured forever. Each painting tells a story. These are not just reproductions of random digital images but interpretations through the artist’s perspectives and style.

In the digital age, people deal with a massive number of images on a daily basis. It has become a part of technology and human life that cannot be avoided. In the exhibition, we slow down this process and observe a fraction of it instead of 10,000 images.